Rip Tide Advice

The recent deaths of three people in a surfing tragedy off the coast of Cornwall has thrown into sharp focus the dangers posed by the sea. The adults that died were among seven people, including four teenagers, who are thought to have been caught in a rip tide while enjoying the surf. But what is

Six Things You May Not Know About Tides

Many people’s knowledge of the sea doesn’t extend much further than knowing that they should check the tide times before going for a walk on a beach that often gets cut off at high water. Yet there are some fascinating facts about tides that you don’t need to be an avid sea-goer to enjoy. Here

Stay Safe This Half Term

October half term is a great time to dig out the kids’ wellies and head down to the beach for a stroll. It’s great for taking your boat out for one last spin before the winter, or for making the most of the school holidays and teaching your children to fish. The only problem is,

Unsettled Conditions Warning From Coastguards

Coastguards from the Isle of Wight and across Britain have been calling on people to take special care when on or in coastal waters as blustery weather typical of a UK autumn continues. Coastguards are concerned that some people have been lured into a false sense of security by recent Indian summer conditions and are

Safety Advice for Novice Dinghy Sailors

Autumn is the ideal time to try sailing a dinghy in sheltered waters off the coast of southern Britain. The sea is at its warmest and yet the water is not packed with the numbers of craft normally associated with the summer months. You may have spent summer learning to sail on inland waters and