Beach in Wales is First in UK to Ban Smoking

beach smoking ban

A seaside jaunt is one of the best ways to enjoy breathing in a lungful of fresh air, and now it seems the air at our beaches may get even cleaner. For the first time in Britain, a beach in Wales is imposing a beach smoking ban. E-Vaping Included in Beach Smoking Ban Little Haven

Ageing Landfill Sites Pose Risk to Coastlines

toxic timebomb landfill sites

Toxic Timebomb Experts have recently warned that many landfill sites in the UK are at risk of leaking hazardous chemicals into our waterways as flooding and coastal erosion become more commonplace. The threat has even been dubbed ‘a toxic time bomb’. Recent research has revealed that 1,264 landfill sites are located in coastal areas and

Plans Move Ahead to Create a Linked Coastal Path in England

Coastal Path Walk

Funding has recently been secured to establish a coastal path in Hampshire, which will be the final link in a complete footpath around England covering a distance of 2,700 miles. About 65% of the coastline in England is currently accessible by foot; however, plans are on track to ensure that the entire English coast will

UK’s Coastal Blue Belt is Extended


It has recently been announced that the UK’s Coastal Blue Belt − the maritime equivalent of the Green Belt − has been enlarged with the addition of 23 new marine conservation zones covering an area of 4,155 square miles. The purpose of the Blue Belt is to protect British waters and marine life. There are