Business Flood Planning

If you run a business in an area prone to flooding, your responsibilities go much further than simply checking the tide times and keeping a supply of sandbags in the store room. You also have a responsibility to ensure your employees stay safe, and that you do all you can to minimise the risk to

Flood Planning Advice

Preparing for a flood means much more than simply checking tide times and weather forecasts. Along with ensuring your home is as flood-proof as possible, there are preparations you can make to help you cope if the worst should happen. Make a plan If you are moving into a new property, or you have just

Permanent Flood Protection Tips For Your Home

With more than five and half million homes at risk of flooding in England and Wales alone, flooding can be a major problem at this time of year, causing untold damage and distress. It can spark a frenzy of checking tide times, piling sandbags and pleading for it not to rain. There are things you

Dig Deep for Charity this Boxing Day

Every year on Boxing Day people around Britain, Europe and the whole world don fancy dress – or simply their swimming costumes – and brave the sea for a traditional dip. The biggest event in Europe is organised by Sunderland’s Lions Club and the oldest is the Tenby Boxing Day Swim. The Welsh event was