Low Tides Set to Reveal Hidden Woodlands and Wildlife

Some areas of Britain will see the lowest tides for almost two centuries this weekend, enabling people to catch a glimpse of marine species and hidden natural treasures that are rarely ever seen. Checking Somerset tide times will be on the agenda for many in the region as the lowest tides for 200 years are

Weekend to See Highest Spring Tides for Decades

This Sunday could see the country experience some of the biggest spring tides that have been seen in Britain for decades. The tides will be caused by a supermoon that will be seen on Thursday night but it is expected that the highest waters will arrive at the end of the weekend. In the West

Sea Safety Warning During Solar Eclipse

People are expected to flock outdoors on March 20 to see the biggest solar eclipse in the UK since 1999. Many people will head out to open spaces and coastal areas to make the most of nature’s show but those people heading to beaches and the shore are being urged to think about safety as

Harnessing the Power of the Tides

For the thousands of people who have spent recent weeks monitoring tide times and checking weather forecasts because of flooding fears, it may be hard to see the potential benefits that the sea can offer at times. Humans in general, however, are increasingly tapping into the power of the sea. Tidal energy is increasingly becoming