Supertides Hit the Country

Britain and the Channel Islands have been experiencing the sort of supertides that experts had been predicting for 2015. Parts of the country’s coastline have been hit by waves as high as 50ft, and the Thames has burst its banks on multiple occasions. The last week of February saw the Environment Agency issue no fewer

The Impact of Tides on Volcanoes and Climate Change

Anyone who has faced flood warnings resulting from high tides in recent weeks will be in no doubt as to the impact they can have, but far fewer will understand the effect they are having on volcanic eruptions and, ultimately, on the world’s climate. Rising sea levels are undoubtedly causing more problems with coastal flooding,

2015 Set to be a Year of Unusually High Tides

This year could be marked by a wave of extremely high tides in Britain as a result of a rare alignment between the moon, sun and the earth. The unusual alignment is expected to increase the pull of gravity on the seas at certain points in 2015, leading to the occurrence of supertides and an

2014 Rescue Rise for the RNLI

RNLI Rescue

The latest figures from the RNLI have revealed that 2014 saw an increase in the number of people needing to be rescued and the number of times that crews were called out to an emergency. Last year saw more than 10,000 people being rescued, an increase of 313 on the previous year. Crews also launched

Check the Tides Before Surfing the Waves

It may be winter but one group of people who will not be put off by the chilly sea temperatures are Britain’s intrepid surfers. Forget the sun kissed beauties surfing the waves in Hawaii and along the Californian coast – Britain’s surfers are hard core, battling with our country’s notoriously unsettled and unpredictable weather. Many