On the Coastal Route to Greater Fitness

A walk on the beach is undoubtedly more of a pleasure than a pain, but it can also play a major role in your New Year fitness regime. Checking the tide times, getting your boots on and heading to the shore for a brisk walk can be far better for your body than a strenuous

Pick Up a Kite for Some Beach Based Winter Fun

The old song urges everyone to ‘go fly a kite’ and it can be the perfect pastime on a crisp and breezy winter’s day. The beach is one of the best locations for kite flying, especially during the winter months when you can often find metres of empty shingle or sand with no one else

Flooding: The Lessons Learnt

Flooding caused a Christmas nightmare for many people last year, and few can find much positive to say about the washout winter of 2013. That time of year has arrived again and people are already checking the tide times and weather forecasts religiously in order to make sure they are prepared if the worst should