East Anglia Hit by Storm Surge and Flooding

east anglia hit by storm

Just a few days after welcoming in 2017, the first storm of the year came crashing in along the east coast of England. A storm surge across East Anglia ushered in unusually high tides across the region, with many coastal areas affected by flooding. Flood alerts were issued by the Environment Agency, with areas such

Tsunami Risk to UK Higher Than Anticipated

tsunami uk

Tsunami risk is not something that we would typically associate with Britain; however, scientists believe that the threat of this occurring around our shores is much stronger than we might have originally anticipated. New research has discovered that undersea landslides may put the UK at higher risk of tsunamis than previously considered. This could have

Storm Angus Marks the Start to the Stormy Season

The first major storm of the season recently came hurtling to the shores of the UK. Storm Angus battered the south coast, where it did most of its damage, before moving in a northerly direction towards the Midlands, East Anglia and Wales. Gusts of almost 100mph were recorded off the coast of Brighton, with waves

Urge for New Flood Risk Management Reforms

After devastating floods swept across the UK last year, MPs are urging for new flood risk management reforms. A number of MPs believe that setting up a new flooding and coastal board, a rivers and coastal authority and having a UK floods commissioner are the best strategies for tackling this increasingly common problem going forward.

Storm Wave Study Could Help Protect Coastal Areas

A first-of-its-kind storm wave study by Scottish researchers could provide vital storm damage protection to coastal areas. The study, undertaken by researchers at the University of Edinburgh and in Japan, involved creating a model that looked at how water in strong waves collided with buildings, seawalls, rocks and cliffs. The model involved replicating stormy wave