Beach Metal Detecting

beach metal detecting

Beach metal detecting can be an exciting and lucrative activity. It can also be extremely rewarding being able to return belongings to their rightful owners, and in some cases, finding treasures of national interest. It’s a hobby you can enjoy all year round, and with a few tips and the right equipment you can be

Fossil Hunters in for a Rare Treat on the Jurassic coast

The end of 2015 was noted for its treacherous storms and flooding; however, the effects of the bad weather proved an unlikely boon for those interested in the past. Adverse weather conditions caused a large section of cliff in the Dorset village of Charmouth to tumble into the sea, revealing hundreds of ancient fossils washed

Comb Winter Beaches for Stunning Shells

The winter is a great time to wrap up warm and head to the beach for a spot of shell collecting. Stormy seas can throw up more interesting shells than the calm summer waters reveal, making it the perfect time to beach comb for fun, or to find some amazing materials for your next craft