Top tips for coastal camping

Camping by the sea is exhilarating and fun; however, it requires additional thought and consideration compared with inland camping expeditions. Here are some top tips to get the most from your coastal camping experience. Choose your location carefully Stick to a designated camping site; there are now quite a number of UK coastal campsites to

RNLI Lifeboat Launches Reach Record High

RNLI Rescue

According to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), the number of lifeboat launches that took place around the UK and Irish coastline in 2016 totalled 8,851. This represents a seven per cent rise compared with the year before and the highest number of rescues since 2011. It was not just lifeboats being launched out to

Enjoy a Coastal Swim This Christmas Day

Christmas Day Swim

Taking a dip in the sea on Christmas Day has become something of a tradition for many coastal dwellers up and down the country. If you decide to swap sitting around the open fire gorging on mince pies and mulled wine for the great icy waters outdoors this Christmas, here are some essential tips to

RNLI Film Aims to Win Over Supporters

From the start of next year, the RNLI will be the first major charity to switch to an ‘opt in’ approach to communication with it supporters. To encourage more people to continue to opt in to RNLI’s marketing communications, the charity has created a short film that tells the tale of a man whose life

Portuguese Man O’War Spotted on UK Beaches

poruguese man-o-war

Portuguese Man O’War, known for their potentially lethal sting, have recently been spotted washed up on beaches throughout the UK. These deadly jellyfish were initially found in Ireland; however, in recent days and weeks they have started to turn up on beaches in Cornwall, the Scilly Isles and Dorset. It is not that common to