Coastal Defence Issues Not Just a British Problem

As work continues across the country to reinforce tidal defences in preparation for harsher conditions once the British summer ends, spare a thought for people in other areas of the world where very little is being done to minimise the threat of sea damage to their homes. In southern India, for example, residents have been

Sea Damage Still at Forefront of Thinking Even in Spring

It is the time of year when the people of Britain are generally looking forward to calmer spells of weather and maybe even to spending some time in the sunshine down by the sea. It is a period when people are more likely to be checking the tide times to plan their next coastal walk

Mammoth Tides to Hit During Repairs

Many coastal towns are preparing to see the biggest tides in half a century this autumn, but there is a reason why residents of one British seaside resort will be checking the tide times more than most in September – the surge will hit before work to repair its flood defences is complete. In fact,