Plastic waste affecting wildlife

plastic waste

A recent Greenpeace voyage around the coastline of Scotland took place to ascertain the impact of plastic pollution off our shores. Crucially, the expedition aimed to see just how plastic waste is affecting our seabird and wildlife populations. The two-month voyage by the ship Beluga II revealed some startling findings. The Greenpeace researchers discovered that

Top tips for coastal camping

Camping by the sea is exhilarating and fun; however, it requires additional thought and consideration compared with inland camping expeditions. Here are some top tips to get the most from your coastal camping experience. Choose your location carefully Stick to a designated camping site; there are now quite a number of UK coastal campsites to

UK coastal campsites to pitch up at

There is something quite magical about camping by the sea. Whether you have pitched your tent on top of a cliff or on the grassy edge of a sandy beach, there is little that surpasses watching the sun set or rise from the confines of your tent. With farmers, landowners and the National Trust opening