Beach Safety for Children

footprints in sand

Now we’re into the UK Summer Holidays, it’s the ideal time to hit the beach thanks to the spells of warmer weather. However, it can also spell danger for people who head to the shore without being fully aware of the tide times and conditions.

People are often reminded of the importance of making themselves aware of the potential dangers on the beach and close to the sea, so why not take the opportunity to pass on that knowledge to your children? A day at the beach can be an ideal opportunity to allow older youngsters the freedom to explore, but if you feel that they are old enough to wander without adult supervision, give them some essential sea safety advice.

It’s advisable to give younger children some knowledge about the potential dangers as, even if you do not plan to allow them to wander out of sight, it’s easy to become separated in a split second when you’re out at a busy beach spot, or if your attention is suddenly captured elsewhere for a few seconds. It takes a momentary few seconds for a young child to to become separated from a family group, and the results can be disastrous.

Last year, a young boy had to be rescued by coastguards using a hovercraft after he got stuck, knee-deep in mud at Burnham-on-Sea during a family holiday. The 11-year-old was attempting to walk across mudflats when he became stuck. Fortunately, he was pulled to safety and did not receive any injuries, but there have been many occasions when the outcome has not been so positive.

It only takes a few minutes to tell children about the importance of being aware of tide times, geographical conditions and the effects of the weather, but it is information that should stay with them for years to come and may even go on to save their lives.

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