Coastal Defence Issues Not Just a British Problem

As work continues across the country to reinforce tidal defences in preparation for harsher conditions once the British summer ends, spare a thought for people in other areas of the world where very little is being done to minimise the threat of sea damage to their homes.

In southern India, for example, residents have been protesting in the streets in a bid to prompt action from the authorities to take action to protect homes in areas currently without a seawall.

Tide times have become a signal of panic levels in Kerala, where high tides and crashing waves have been battering coastal areas over recent days.

The situation has particularly effected the coastal areas of Cherthala Taluk, Purakkad Grama Panchayat and Ambalappuzha South.

Properties have been damaged and many residents fear some are at risk of total destruction as a result of the conditions.

Revenue officials in Arthunkal have had to resort to such temporary measures as stacking sand-bags in a big to minimise the damage to houses.

Severe tidal waves have been experienced in Thyckal, Kuthiathode, Chapakadavu and Aayiramthai and mid-May saw residents taking to the streets in a combined call for action.

Hundreds of residents tool over Chenavally’s coastal road to demand urgent steps be taken by the authorities amidst claims that the government had failed in its promise to create necessary sea walls.

Local people fear that their situation will get even worse over the next few weeks with the onset of the monsoon season.

The government had previously pledged to create 46 breakwaters in the region around Ambalappuzha but so far just six have been constructed.

Local people have pledged further action until the problem is resolved and are calling for the construction of the sea walls and compensation for people who have already lost homes as a result of tidal attack.

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