Countdown to Cowes Week

There’ll be more than the locals and the usual holiday makers checking out the tide times and conditions on the Isle of Wight next month as one of Britain’s longest running sporting events – and the world’s biggest regatta of its type – takes place in Cowes.

Around 8,500 competitors will have their eyes firmly on the Cowes Tide Times and local weather forecasts before and during Cowes Week, which runs from August 8 to 15.

Another 100,000 people will flock to the shores of the Isle of Wight to watch the action as novice sailors join the likes of world-class professionals and Olympic medal-winners, who take part in around 40 races every day.

Literally thousands of boats will take to the Solent during the annual event, with a bevvy of activities also taking place on shore each day. These range from live music and shopping opportunities to spectacular fireworks to mark the finale.

The beauty of Cowes week for many of those who choose to watch rather than take part, however, is the amount of action that takes place close to the shore and the number of opportunities for families to have fun.

One of the best places to watch the action from on dry land is the area between the Royal Yacht Squadron’s Castle and the famous cannons of Cowes, although spectators here will have to endure some pretty loud starting bangs.

From this location, however, it is possible to see right onto the starting line and hear the officers announcing their countdowns to the starts. To see the finishes, the Green in the direction of Egypt Point is the place to be.

All of these area offer safe family viewing, although all spectators should ensure that they maintain awareness while they are beside the sea and do not allow safety to be side-lined even though a party atmosphere prevails.

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