Enjoy a Safe, Snowy Beach Visit

snowy beach huts

Weather warnings have recently been issued for heavy snowfall across parts of the UK and many coastal areas could be affected. Although lots of us like to hunker down indoors keeping warm when snowy weather arrives, it is an irresistible invitation for others to get out and about and enjoy the wintry weather on a snowy beach.

If you live near the coast, it can be an exciting experience to visit a beach during snowfall, as the landscape can look totally different and surreal. With a vast expanse of snow-covered sand, you also have lots of open space to run around, build snow castles or even toboggan down sand dunes. It is also the perfect opportunity to take some atmospheric snaps if photography is your passion.

Without putting a dampener on your excitement, it is crucial that you consider your safety at all times when taking a trip to the beach during snowy weather. The landscape can look completely different from normal and it is easy to get lost or lose your bearings, so keep track of where you are and take a note of landmarks to help identify your whereabouts.

Before you build your snowman on the beach, make sure you know when the tides are due to come in or out to ensure your creation doesn’t get washed away before you have finished it. Check the tide times before you head out so that you can maximise exposure to the snowy beach and to ensure your own safety.

Be aware of icy patches of water, and don’t attempt to try to walk on any deep areas. These might look solid but could easily crack under your weight.

It goes without saying that you should wrap up warm and always take a snack to refuel flagging energy levels.

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