RNLI Film Aims to Win Over Supporters

From the start of next year, the RNLI will be the first major charity to switch to an ‘opt in’ approach to communication with it supporters.

To encourage more people to continue to opt in to RNLI’s marketing communications, the charity has created a short film that tells the tale of a man whose life was saved at sea by one of its many rescue missions.

Ben Fogle Backs Film

The short film is backed by TV presenter Ben Fogle, who is a staunch supporter of the RNLI. The film focuses on a windsurfer, Simon Haggie, who got caught out at sea in bad weather this summer and lost his sail. Feeling desperate and almost giving up hope, Simon’s life was saved thanks to a heroic rescue mission by the RNLI. Simon’s family feels incredibly grateful to the RNLI – he was lucky enough to live and see his daughter get married and meet his first grandchild.

The RNLI believes that storytelling in this way is a powerful strategy to get supporters on board and ultimately help save lives. Crucially, this film drives home the vital work that the RNLI does out at sea, every day, up and down the country. Research has even shown that 75 per cent of people believe that rescue stories can motivate them to back a particular cause, such as the RNLI. By opting in to RNLI’s marketing communications, supporters can get to hear about more of these heroic rescue attempts.

Rescue stories such as this highlight just how dangerous the sea can be, even at times of the year when conditions are good. It shows that although the RNLI offers an incredibly important service, we all have to take responsibility for our actions when visiting the coastline. Keeping safe, not venturing too far out to sea, checking the tide times and staying away during stormy conditions are all key considerations.

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