Rock Fishing Safety

rock fishing

Summer is a great time for a spot of beach or rock fishing, with bass and mackerel aplenty if you head down to the beaches on the south coast. It’s important, however, not to get carried away on a tide of enthusiasm! Safety must always be a priority, whether you are a seasoned beach fisherman or trying it out for the first time this year.

Always Check the Conditions and Tide Times

1) Make yourself aware of conditions in the area, ranging from geographical features, to the weather and tide times. If you plan on doing some of the more dangerous rock-based fishing in an area you do not know well, it may be best to fish there initially with an angler who has experience of the area.

2) Do your research – even wide open beaches and seemingly large rock formations can be dangerous. Local knowledge always helps, but you may not be aware of how the tide rushes in and cuts certain areas off.

3) Stay aware and alert at all times. Focussed anglers can lose themselves when concentrating on their catch, but it is vital to keep an eye on the tides and not lose track of time.

4) Never fish for the first time in a new area at night; this will make it much harder to raise the alarm or get help if you run into trouble, as well as putting yourself at unnecessary risk of danger. You should be aware of slippery rocks and make sure you wear appropriate clothing shoes.

5) Be aware of when spring tides are expected; these can have a serious impact on the safety of a fishing mark. Ensure you always leave enough time to get all of your equipment away, even in areas with fast incoming tides.


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