Sea Fishing Safety Advice

The weather is warming up and thoughts are increasingly turning to outdoor pursuits. One of the most popular sports in the UK is fishing, providing the ideal opportunity to make the most of the great outdoors either from a beach, rocks, a pier or a boat. Sea fishing can open up a world of experiences but, whether you are an experienced sea fisherman or fancy giving it a try for the first time this year, it is important to consider safety at all times.

While commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous professions in the world, sea fishing for pleasure can be a fun and safe past time. Never take the sea for granted and always consider safety first with these five main points.

1. Always be aware of the tide times and sea and weather conditions. Do not find yourself stranded simply because you didn’t check the time of low tide or know about an impending storm.

2. Always wear appropriate clothing. This will help protect you from injury as well as keeping you warm in the cold or preventing you from burning in the summer sun.

3. Whether you are in a boat or wading in fast-moving or deep water, always wear a Personal Flotation Device. Even the strongest swimmers should heed this advice.

4. Never go sea fishing alone, whether you are planning on fishing from a boat or from rocks. If you insist on going out by yourself, always ensure that someone else knows where you are and when you are due to return.

5. Always ensure that any boat you are on has the necessary safety equipment and that you never fish from an out-of-the way location without a mobile phone. Carry it with you in a waterproof bag. This may seem over-cautious but it could prove to be a vital lifeline if things go wrong.

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