Supermoon Safety On The Beach

The period between July and September 2014 has been dubbed the summer of the supermoons, with one happening every month

A supermoon occurs when a full moon is the closest to the earth, creating a huge spectacle in the sky. There is no doubt that these supermoons can be mesmerising to look at, but they can also have serious implications, not least their effect on the tides.

Summer is a time when more people than ever head to the beach. If you are going to the coast yourself, at any time and especially during supermoon summer, it is vital that you check the time of the tides and make sure you are aware of any local areas that are prone to being cut off.

Newspapers across Britain are filled every day with stories of people having to be rescued after being cut off by the tide, costing millions of pounds that could be better spent elsewhere. Make sure you are not one of them, especially when supermoons and full moons in general cause higher than usual spring tides, which have the potential to reach areas that other smaller tides do not affect.

You may be visiting your local coastline or be on holiday somewhere new but, wherever you are, it is easy to access the local tide times to ensure you keep yourself and your friends and family safe.

Whatever the state of the moon, you should make sure you know when low and high tides are and ensure you give yourself plenty of time to get back to safety if you plan to visit areas that could be cut off by the tide.

If you are planning to be out and about at the coast during the supermoons of August 10 or September 9 – or at any other time this year – follow the advice of and #KnowYourTideTimes.

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