Tragedy at Camber Sands – Rip Tide Advice

As events unfold from the tragedy at Camber Sands yesterday, we wanted to remind people about the potential dangers of rip tides in water that may otherwise appear to be calm:

Rip Tide Advice

Five men in their teens and early 20’s lost their lives on a day trip to Camber Sands from London, after it is believed they were caught up in a rip. On a busy sunny day, up to 25,000 people flock to Camber Sands, yet there is no lifeguard provision during busy times at present. The beach does operate patrols, but the events of yesterday have prompted 4,300 people to sign a petition. The petition reads:

Camber Sands gets unbelievably busy during summer time they have beach patrol but no lifeguards.

After the serious incident that has recently happened this should be a good reason to have lifeguards like they do in Bournemouth, due to the amount of people that go to the beach and I feel it could save lives.

Yesterday’s tragedy brings the death toll around the UK coastline to 12 for the last week.

Although yesterday’s tragedy will scare people, as evidenced by a deserted beach at Camber Sands today, remember, thousands of people enjoy a trouble free day at beaches all around the UK’s coast, every day of the year. Before you hit the beach, make sure you check the weather conditions, tide times and make sure you follow any local advice or warnings in place: #RespectTheWater and #KnowYourTideTimes.

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