Guy Martin Coastal Cycling Challenge

Guy Martin Bicycle Speed Record

Motorcycle racer and TV presenter Guy Martin is in the midst of a coastal cycling challenge that he hopes will break a world record. He set out on 5 December to cycle 4,802 miles around the British coastline. His aim is to achieve the challenge in 20 days, arriving back home on Christmas Day.

The previous world record holder of this cycling challenge was Nick Sanders back in 1984, when he completed the ride around the British coastline in just 22 days. Nobody has beaten Nick since then and Guy believes that he is the man to topple the record that has remained unchallenged for over 30 years.

Guy is no stranger to undertaking gruelling challenges and to setting world records. He is already the world record holder for the fastest speeds on a gravity-powered snow sled and in a soap box, and holds the record for the highest speed on a wall of death. He also attempted to break the two-wheeled world land speed record in a customised Triumph motorbike that could reach speeds of up to 400mph. Sadly, he faced difficult conditions in Utah that prevented him from achieving this ambition.

Although Guy may not be up against the same challenges he met in Utah, this cycling expedition will not be without its own potential bumps along the way. Guy admitted before he set off that this is not the best time of year to be completing such a challenge, with limited daylight, low temperatures and coastal winds an inevitable feature.

Little has been divulged about Guy’s progress so far, although Facebook users have shared photos taken with Guy along his travels.

If Guy’s epic journey has inspired you to get out on your bike and visit the coast, make sure you are prepared for winter cycling. If you venture onto a beach, check the tide times and do not get caught out in the dark.

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