Tragedy at Camber Sands – Rip Tide Advice

As events unfold from the tragedy at Camber Sands yesterday, we wanted to remind people about the potential dangers of rip tides in water that may otherwise appear to be calm: Rip Tide Advice Five men in their teens and early 20’s lost their lives on a day trip to Camber Sands from London, after

Beachgoers Urged Against Taking Storm Selfies

storm selfie

There have sadly been a number of tragic incidents recently where people have been swept out to sea at popular coastal spots around the British coast. The RNLI has also had a particularly busy time responding to call-outs from people needing to be rescued. Although conditions for swimming in the UK are most favourable during

RNLI Reports Five Year High in Coastal Fatalities

RNLI Rescue

Figures recently released by the RNLI have shown that coastal fatalities along the British coast were the highest last year over a five-year period. 168 fatal incidences were recorded in 2015, together with 385 additional cases classed as near-fatal. In most cases, those who lost their lives on the coastline last year were men, accounting for

Rock Fishing Safety

rock fishing

Summer is a great time for a spot of beach or rock fishing, with bass and mackerel aplenty if you head down to the beaches on the south coast. It’s important, however, not to get carried away on a tide of enthusiasm! Safety must always be a priority, whether you are a seasoned beach fisherman or trying

Beach Safety for Children

footprints in sand

Now we’re into the UK Summer Holidays, it’s the ideal time to hit the beach thanks to the spells of warmer weather. However, it can also spell danger for people who head to the shore without being fully aware of the tide times and conditions. People are often reminded of the importance of making themselves aware